Amy L Marks

Wider Waltham Artist
Texture is the key element of my work.  I am fascinated by textures and patterns and how the arrangement of seemingly unrelated materials of varying color, size, shape and feel can come together to form a cohesive whole. When I create mosaics, it’s a meditative experience much like being in nature. Just as nature paints a picture with a mix of shapes, forms, hues and patterns in plants, flowers, trees, and animals, I bring a mix of materials together, each bringing its own texture and fabric to the whole. I create multi-textured, one-of-a-kind decorative and functional mosaics (wall hangings, mirrors, frames, jewelry) that incorporate not only glass tile, but also jewelry, stained glass, pottery, polymer clay, beads, millefiori and stones to create variations in height, shape and finish that draw the eye and encourage touch. Most recently I’ve been experimenting with mixed media and mosaicking over paint, collage and stencils with glass and layered beads and buttons. I use multiple variations of each color to create a rich color palette. The tight proximity of tiles and objects keeps the viewer’s interest on the mosaic rather than the grout.  The final pieces, made of disparate materials, come together to create an artistic statement that is both visually attractive and tactile.