Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio

Wider Waltham Artist
I delight in colors, and in creating organic shapes and abstract landscapes. My art is a dance of trauma and celebration, in which lust for life transcends the human body, and challenges boundaries between genders, human and non-human, body and landscape. With humor, visual puns, evocations of organisms, and of internal and external body parts, I create poetics of biology. My studio is a gender-fluid zone. It is a space that allows me to generate suggestive shapes with multiple and open-ended meanings. I am in my body, a body that moves and projects movement and rhythms into the canvas. By staining, creating random shapes, redesigning them and erasing them, I let complex and contradictory emotions guide me through many shades of feeling. I use acrylic paint, ink, tocreate evocative stains and charcoal, graphite, paint markers and wax pastels to define contours and enhance colors. I am a recipient of the CAA 2022 emerging artist award for my painting “Happiness is a Yellow Gun”