Bobby Vilinsky

Waltham Mills Building 4 Floor 3
Here are some thoughts about my art making.
Matte Medium is magic. Turns paper into acrylic. Just by brushing on layers of gel, followed by water soaking. Voila! You see your hand wave through the waxy translucent sheet. Or toilet paper cardboard rolls turned into brown stained floppy tubing. No end to the way it attaches things either.
Sewing is magic too. Pick up a needle and thread and it soothes as it mends. It heals. Sewing attaches things too. Not just fabric. Plastic. Yes, two small sheets become four, and four eight. With the right needle and thread, of course. But then, sewing into plastic is absurd. Pull the thread too hard and the plastic pops, makes a hole. The stitching loses its way and won’t last. Absurd.
Like the toilet paper rolls. Cheap throw away cardboard. No better than what it’s meant to be used for. Certainly not a piece of art. Absurd. It won’t last either.
Bobby Vilinsky
Winner, 5th Year Program
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston