Danielle Lombardo

Wider Waltham Artist

My name is Danielle Lombardo and I’m a 28 year old expressive/nude artist from Waltham, MA. I began painting about 3 years ago and am self taught. I fell in love with painting and used it as an outlet to express myself while battling an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, and high functioning autism. Art gave me an opportunity to release my emotions and create something beautiful.

Shortly after I started painting, nudes/figure art became a large part of my recovery from my eating disorder and trauma. Drawing the female figure helped change my perspective on beauty because I was drawing/painting healthy, full bodies. I saw how gorgeous they looked and it motivated me to gain weight and recover. This was hard because I struggled with this disorder for over 10 years, but the more I painted, the more progress I made. I’m now at a healthy weight and have been for 2 years thanks to art.

For me, painting the female body sends a powerful message. It shows the beauty, strength, and resilience in women. Creating art (especially the woman figure) made me feel strong again where I once felt weak.

I enjoy using vibrant colors such as blue, pink, and gold. The different poses and colors I use all tell a story and shed light on how powerful females are.

I want my expressive art to empower other women when they see it. Overall, painting has saved my life and I hope to inspire others with my story.