Desiree Dennis

Waltham Mills Building 18
Growing up in a family of professional artists & musicians, I was privileged to be immersed in the arts since birth. Throughout my youth, I received weekly lessons from an extraordinary private art teacher and had the opportunity to explore numerous forms of mixed media from ceramics to printmaking. Over the years, I have apprenticed with my mom in painting and my maternal grandparents in the unique art of shell craft.  My family and I have also traveled extensively to gather artistic inspiration from some of the most vibrant art scenes & museums in the world. We believe that creativity is one of the essential aspects of life, and support each other greatly in our artistic pursuits. In recent years, my artistic endeavors have led me to focus primarily on acrylic painting and multimedia arts.  For me, creating art is a vehicle to express my personal reflections, relationship with nature, spirituality, and connection to the creative source. I have been enjoying playing with color & texture to explore these abstract concepts and deeper emotions within.