George Herman

Waltham Mills Building 4, 3rd Floor
I am a painter who has exhibited my work throughout New England, in New York City, and in London. I have been included in the exhibits Indivisible (2022), and Variations in Paint (2015) at the Painting Center in New York City. My most recent solo exhibit was Found Paintings (2019) at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA. My imagery has consisted of figurative work and landscape. My process involves painting on wood in oil and mixed mediums: I scrape down my old paintings, which have often begun with multiple pourings and layers of paint, and paint new images on top of the old, resulting in a palimpsest of colors and textures as the new image emerges. My recent body of work, consisting of large, expressive heads, is entitled Transit/and Other. Begun during the beginnings of the Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, these images present people who might alter society by their actions and by their very presence. In turn, they too are altered by their engagement with society. i.e. People. Many of these images were part of a Traveling Public Art Exhibit (with fellow artist Amanda Loebelenz), Faces and Voices (2020), becoming a catalyst for dialogue exploring matters of racism, social justice, racial equity, civic engagement and economic rights. Again, People.