Helen Beth Jacobson

I have always loved drawing the human figure with its many shapes and angles. I think the figure can be a design element as well as a statement of beauty and purpose. I have used my drawings of figures to print with on canvas and then glue on and paint for a more 3-dimensional painting. I can turn it multiple ways to achieve new shapes and print on top of those also. I am interested in the shapes in the spaces around bodies and how they differ, depicting them as strong visual elements . My sunset and seascape prints and paintings are inspired by the beaches on Cape Cod, their colorful skies and waters. Color, forms and textures reflect the images I saw and adding sand to some of them makes them more tactile. I am now working on new ways to depict human beings with their raw emotions and overlapping shapes, paint drippings, sand, glue all add to the experience of seeing them. I studied art at Beaux Arts, Geneva, Switzerland, Academie 63 in Haarlem, Holland, and have a Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Locally, I have taken art courses at the MFA, Castle Hill, Truro, and PAAM. I work in my River Street studio at Waltham Mills and summers in my home studio in North Eastham, MA. My work has been exhibited in libraries, schools, Fine Arts Open Houses, Waltham Open Studios, PAAM and Halls/Walls Gallery and in the ODE Gallery in Waltham. Last November I had a solo show: Women and Sunsets at the Cambridge, MA, YWCA.