Kristin Griffin

Kristin Griffin Quilt Necklace
I work with many metals, including copper, brass, sterling silver, argentium silver and a little gold. Since the start of the pandemic I have tried to add color to my work using stones and beads, but I have also started working with less conventional media, including polymer clay, resin, painted tin and acrylic paint. I have enjoyed challenging myself to find a way to use the unconventional media. In one piece I was inspired to create a necklace to display my Covid19 vaccine card in a more creative fashion (no actual vaccine cards where harmed in creating this necklace). Adding color to my work sparks joy for me. It makes me happy to see and wear bright colors. Over the last year, I have also challenged myself to learn new skills, including forming metal, making hollow form beads and working with painted tin, while continuing to work on skills I had previously learned. I hope you enjoy these pieces I created this past year. And I cannot wait to be back in person in the future. If you would like to check out more of my jewelry or my other art work, please visit my Instagram @kristingriffindesigns.