Lynda Schlosberg

Waltham Mills Building 4 Floor 2
Open Studio Status Due to family issues I am not able to open my studio this year, nor make any appointments for a visit. Please feel free to browse my website and contact me through my website if you have any questions. Links below. Artist Statement Is there really any space between where you end, and I begin? We experience the world with our intellect and physical senses; yet an invisible matrix of energy beyond our awareness surrounds, connects, and influences us. My paintings offer an imaginal realm where natural and unnatural forces collapse into a sea of vibrating energy that can materialize into an infinite number of potential realties. My work is rooted in a deep interest in quantum theories. I am fascinated by the idea that thoughts are pieces of tangible energy that exist as submicroscopic vibrating particles. In a quantum world no particle ever completely dies, thus implying that every thought that has ever been thought still exists. And, over time these thoughts are exponentially added to a unified field of consciousness and energy. This field continues to evolve as we contribute to—and pull from—its reservoir. My paintings are process-oriented. By using a set of self-determined rules I am able to circumvent a predetermined outcome, thereby enabling me to create patterns and spaces that are not limited by the conscious mind. I start with liquid pools of pigment on panels flat on the floor, allowing for random separation of the medium. I superimpose intertwining layers over amorphous forms with countless undulating lines. I then paint thousands of small dots obsessively made with .00 size brushes. I use highly saturated, vibrant and illusory hues, nuanced values and complex patterns to push space both backwards and forwards simultaneously. Doing so helps me to create vibrating sensations in varied rhythms that illuminate the unpredictable interaction between form and formlessness within a subatomic world. The paintings visualize a mysterious state of swirling energy—where everything exists and out of which many unique potentials can manifest.