Marjorie Minkin

Waltham Mills Building 18
My paintings on canvas and Lexan relief works express my love of color and the effects of light. In both the painting and relief works, I use  translucent acrylic mediums and iridescent pigments. I have exhibited my canvases in Boston, New York and Florida, and both the canvases and Lexans in several cities in the US, Canada, Europe and South Korea,. My works are in the permanent collection in museums in the US, Canada and Europe. For the first time I will be exhibiting my Lexan relief works in Boston at the Moakley Federal Courthouse on the Boston Waterfront from January 2023 through March 2023. Due to Covid and my sensitivity to vaccines,  I will be exhibiting my works outside my studio on the third floor of building 18. If anyone would like a private viewing on another occasion, please contact me through my website. www.