Marta Kaemmer

Waltham Mills Building 4 Floor 2
My work is fueled by curiosity and play. It is process driven. I ask myself, what happens when I spray paint PVC pipes and make a cube? What if I spread gel medium through a large piece of knitting? Sometimes I have an idea of where I would like a piece to go but most times I don’t. I look around my studio and think about what things relate to each other. Is it a color, a contrast, a form, a texture? I play. I recycle old pieces and add something new. I wait for the moment where it looks and feels right, where it excites and surprises me. The process of assembling my pieces relates to my ideas of my own personal history. I’m trying to collage memories of living in places as varied as Harare, Zimbabwe to Greencastle, Indiana to Spielfeld, Austria. I’ve also watched both of my parents go through dementia. I see the mind as a series of stacked experiences, relating in odd ways, and sometimes full of holes.