Waltham Mills Building 4, 3rd Floor
I am committed to abstraction, having always been more interested in making paintings about things than paintings of things. I am influenced by light and color in the natural environment, observed while daydreaming out windows, sitting by the ocean, and walking along the Charles River. I grew up surrounded by craft and textiles and have spent a lot of time working with these materials – they also serve as a constant inspiration for me. My studio practice is rooted in an exploration of color, composition, and the illusion of depth.    My recent paintings are made one section, or stripe of color, at a time, increasing in opacity, from the center out. The color and the titles come from photos I take as I document my daily life. This system allows me to “weave” the colors together, making small shifts from band to band, so the light at the center remains, and the image as a whole, sparkles. Depending on what kind of day I’ve had, I work to control my breathing and energy to make the straightest lines and edges I can at the time. I rely on the process of repetition to take me on a journey toward the resulting image which, in the end, is a result of hundreds of choices about color relationships. The more surprised I am at the end, the better. Standing in front of the paintings, viewers have a similar experience, like wandering through a space, looking through a window, or walking through a door.