Rick Hornick

Lincoln Studios

Saccades:Hidden views

This imagery is typical of what your eyes see during saccades, or the movements your eyes make scanning a scene . We would have to an optic nerve the size of an elephant trunk to get the kind of detail we are used to in one fell swoop on the retina. Most likely due to evolution and natural selection, etc., our eyes constantly dart around picking up a multitude of snippets of visual information for the brain to analyze.

Only a camera catches these moments while your eyes see these glimpses but your brain has you denied any blur or motion in your final perception. Otherwise, we would be significantly unsteady and disoriented. during the countless daily saccades. when your eyes are scanning the many scenes we constantly encounter. Fact is we are visually suppressed during saccades so we are not constantly disoriented  and it is also true we can not even see our own eyes move  because of saccadic suppression. 

These are some of those hidden images