Rosemary Broton Boyle

Waltham Mills Building 4, 2nd Floor
My artistic vision has evolved throughout my years spent painting, teaching and traveling the world.  Being a risk taker by nature, I experiment with different materials on both large and small scale.  My most successful work is complex yet minimalistic making use of uncommon forms and unexpected shapes.   My current work (summer 2022) explores the joy and uncertainty of the landscape…discovering hidden layers of emotion and unexpected images along the way.  Chance also plays an intricate role when applying thick layers of pigment onto surfaces that merge with the under paintings. Among the vast array of visual influencers that have inspired my work is Robert Rauschenberg for his brave use of materials;  Picasso for his playful and immediate childlike genius; Helen Frankinthaler for her brilliant use of color;  and Cy Twombly and Basquiet for the uncompromising use of their mark-making abilities. My singular goal is of exploration with the purpose simply being the process itself.