Sophia C. Mone

Waltham Mills Building 4 Floor 3
I am an artist that loves color. It is central to my creative process. Some would say it is Southwestern or Floridian….nonetheless it is colorful. Monoprinting in oils was my initial exploration in printmaking. It encouraged my love of layering and creating textures in my art. I studied with master printmakers in Taos, New Mexico and Florence, Italy. Etchings and solarplate followed with classes at deCordova in Lincoln, MA. I now spend time in Florida which has led me to explore the world of acrylics and “pouring” acrylics on canvas and paper. My art is an abstract form of realism. Color is always central to its creation, Presently I am exploring landscapes and seascapes. Pouring acrylics lends itself to some control, but a lot of independent movement with color. The quick dry-time of acrylics leave a wide margin for experimentation for layering and blending of color. It allows my imagination lots of free rein to explore color in my artistic processes.