Susan Siefer

Waltham Mills Building 4, 3rd Floor
Through my art I honor the strength and resilience of women and recognize the rich history and culture of textile arts, thought of as “women’s work”. My work is part of an ancient lineage that reveals women’s progression from handiwork to fine art. My own ancestors were seamstresses, embroiderers and dress makers. Inevitably, in 1973 I began my art career as a sculptural weaver. I trowel layered fresco textures, weave with disparate fibers and embellish with gold leaf and decorative elements. My early years as a weaver and decades as a decorative painter have been the catalyst for these materials and my studio practice. The colors and patterns reference the golden light and crumbling architecture of Morocco, a place I have visited often. My imagery has evolved into a collective of ethereal figures of women, soulfully adorned. Each have their own rich individual presence. Using remnants from the past include recycled weavings, paintings and inherited family garments. Old memories meld into new ideas. The stories and struggles of the creative independent women that have paved the way remain in spirit. This includes my own cultural line of strong Jewish females. Within the daily chaos of local and world events, I strive to create some poignancy, and joy. The back story is always a thought away.