Andrea Tishman

“My work has always been Inspired by nature, from large painted explorations of forest and trees to smaller linoleum cut prints of the creatures that inhabit them.

This year, as I was taking a break from painting to work on a series of linoleum cut prints of pollinators and other creatures, I became really fascinated by the Brood X cicadas, so I decided to make a series of small prints of these amazing little bugs. The idea that they have a periodical 17-year larval state and then emerge all together to live for only a few weeks enthralled me. 

I wanted to find a way to be able to convey the ephemeral quality of the insects, and I decided to use my old teabags as a printing surface. I have been saving these teabags for a couple of years waiting until I found a way to incorporate them into my work. I’ve long admired the diaphanous teabag. I love the way they seem fragile yet are surprisingly sturdy. After they are steeped and dried, I unfold and empty them, then I iron them flat. The pieces of paper resemble parchments; like little stories of a collection of moments.”