Barbara Ayala Rugg Diehl

To me, everything is potential art material for my work. This may be a way to counter my hoarding tendencies, or influence from my theater background where scraps were creatively put to use to create illusions for the audience. I am drawn to texture and tangibility, reusing items around me to create mixed media pieces. Along with sculptures, I frequently produce paintings, pushing the physical boundaries of the medium with 3D mixed media elements, as well as challenging who can interact with visual art by experimenting with durable interactive pieces, Braille, and even scent. Further examining these boundaries, I present the work by itself, either rejecting frames or conversely utilizing the frame as the artwork. While my content ping pongs with my interests, as an environmental educator and having received my MA in Sustainable International Development, I frequently am inspired to delve into social justice and climate change issues in my subject matter. My passion and research urge me in my practice to highlight the intersections of these universal crises.