Claire Gerard

Welcome to my first Waltham Mills Open Studios. Working as the artist-in-residence at Room 83 Spring last summer, I realized the benefits of painting within a larger space — a place where I could step back and work on many pieces at once. With that in mind, in January I found studio space at Waltham Mills. While this year did not go as any of us planned, I’ve used this time to reset and reflect on the possibilities of this space, and begin a new body of work.

I recently began making monotypes. These led to my latest work, integrating brighter and bolder colors and strong lines. With limited studio hours, I have an abundance of creative energy to release onto the surface. 

During this collective time of adjusting and readjusting, I’ve been thinking about how humans cope with and experience the world. I believe in reflection as a tool so we can move forward in new and better ways. My paintings demonstrate this as I mine memories and the terrain of my past, while incorporating the visual input of daily life.

Please reach out through email or Instagram if you’d like to learn more about my work.