Joshua Winer

Hello friends! My name is Joshua Winer. I’m a Boston artist specializing in the creation of commissioned mosaics and murals for architectural settings. I often work with architects, building owners, art consultants, homeowners, schools and religious institutions to design, fabricate and install original artworks. You can find my public work on walls in Boston and the neighboring towns, as well as in cities across the United States. I’m also a teacher, and have taught classes in mosaics and murals from my Waltham studio, as well as in New England universities. I’ve worked in over one hundred schools creating community mosaics and murals with students and their teachers and families as an ‘Artist-in-Residence’. This year I’m teaching classes at SnowFarm and also at the New Arts Center. I have written numerous articles about my work and about professional issues of the materials and methods of mural painting and making mosaics, including for ‘Ceramics Monthly’ and the ‘Society of American Mosaics Artists’ Journal ‘Groutline’. I enjoy helping people with their own work, and welcome inquiries of all kinds, whether it’s about a project you’re working on or a new commission for a building wall!