Kathleen Volp

I consider myself an object-maker and collector of things.  I am most inspired by what I can hold in my hand, feel, smell, break and assemble.

Having art be experienced solely in the webosphere therefore, is an odd but not altogether unfortunate event. It’s just- different.  So until we meet again, explore, learn and grow in this new reality.  And be well.

“Objects are the physical products of our collective psyche— they often speak more loudly and truthfully than history books. Volp deliberately uses materials that are familiar and comfortable to the viewer, most often mass-produced, thrift store finds and throwaways. When deconstructed and combined, these cast offs become sculptures that reflect her deep social, political and cultural concerns. Volp works do not demand reverence and awe; they resist classicism forcing the viewer into confronting the ironies and follies of the past as it converges with the presence.”