Maria Photinakis

I am a painter, illustrator, and comics artist living and working in Waltham. In 2020 and 2021, most of my work has been memoir-focused as I reflected on this pandemic in a comics series I’ve been working on called “Extraordinary Times,” documenting life with a young child in a pandemic from my personal experience.  I’ve also been experimenting with children’s book illustration. The last year and a half made my world so small, I find myself building narratives everywhere. So my work in this time has been either yearning for something supernatural and truly incredible, thinking about old folktales about phoenixes or Aesop’s fables, or very focused on the mundane, like daily life with a young kid. 

Memoir work is often a focus of what I do, but climate change and human displacement, with both hope and trepidation for the future, tend to be my focus in my illustrated and more abstract painted works.