Sharon Stafford Metals

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It’s all about texture for Sharon Stafford Metals – visual and tactile textures. The feel of metal always draws her in, whether wire, sheet, smooth, textured, hammered, woven or crocheted. And the visual pull of woven metal never ends – she has to get in closer, understand it, and of course, touch it. Most of Sharon’s work incorporates weaving, crocheting, foldforming, and/or hammering.

Be sure to check out Sharon Stafford Metals’ limited edition ornaments. Each year since 2012 she has created an original limited edition wire crochet ornament. She makes each design only during the year she designs them, and when they’re gone, they’re gone! The 2020 ornament is the Solstice Star, available in silver-plated and gold colored silver-plated wire.