Stacey Piwinski

Paintings, portraits, tapestries and scarves are made while twisting, wrapping, weaving, cutting and recontextualizing objects to convey feelings and tell new stories. These types of labor-intensive processes consume the attention of my hands and are best done when part of a community. I have found that my work is very much about people, involves other people, and often contains these conversations and moments of their making.

There are many hands-on techniques that I have found myself consumed with during this pandemic, but the rice vessel technique is one of my favorites… the pieces have grown from small little vessel to much larger objects over time.

As Covid began to get in the way of interacting with others, these vessels began to contain the parts, pieces, memories, and emotions. After being contained in the safety of our own homes, these Containment Vessels continued to grow into larger therapeutic objects. Simultaneously, I was working on the large tapestry titled, Portrait of a Virtual Community, using colors and shapes to represent all the different individuals that I now only know through virtual settings.

I am happy to be opening my studio this year to in person visitors. Please come visit me and all of my tactile objects. I am located on the third floor of Building #4 with the River Street Artists. You can also find my work on my Instagram Pages @piwinski and @piwinskiart. Also, please feel free to follow along for uplifting daily rainbow images @todaysrainbow.