William Vanaria

I work in the medium of jewelry, but I rarely use gemstones in my work. Instead, I will often make my own by cutting, shaping, and polishing non-traditional materials that I find interesting. I treat these anomalous materials like precious gems, and methodically create jewelry forms that are designed to contain them.

Formally, I am inspired by mid-century modernism, the art deco movement, and the bold geometric shapes which were popular in the 1980s. All of my work emphasizes craft and precision within the handmade; I utilize these qualities and borrow cues from traditional design languages in order to highlight and proudly display an alternative to the mass produced, gem-centric convention established by powerful jewelry corporations.

I make art as a way to question, comment on, or outright mock this strange world we live in and the wild ride that got us here. I make jewelry because I believe in the cultural importance of this medium and our intrinsic desire for self-expression. I believe in the power of handmade objects, and I recognize the threat they pose to the corporate hegemony that unerringly germinates within the fertile soil of this late-stage capitalistic nightmare we find ourselves in.